Private Offices

Ideal for small teams and you can choose Fully furnished Closed Office with an option of different layouts and configurations. Access your Private Office 24/7.

  • Prime Location Business Address
  • Unlimited Internet Access (Wireless & Wired)
  • Daily Cleaning
  • 24/7 Security
  • Access to Meeting Rooms (10 hrs. Credit)
  • Access to Printer (50 Credits)
  • Dedicated Landline (*Optional)
  • Parking (*Optional)

Dedicated Desks

You have a Dedicated Workstation assigned with 24/7 Access and you may leave your belongings in the lockers as well.

  • Prime Location Business Address
  • Unlimited Internet Access (Wireless & Wired)
  • Daily Cleaning
  • 24/7 Security
  • Access to Meeting Rooms (Up to 10 hrs. Credit)
  • Access to Printer (Up to 50 Credits)

Hot Desks

You may book a Desk on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis at an Amazing Price. Access to Hot Desk is limited to 9 Hours per day. Workstation would be assigned based on the Available spot.

  • Unlimited Internet Access (Wireless)
  • Daily Cleaning
  • 24/7 Security
  • Access to Business Lounge

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Rent a Fully Furnished Coworking Office in Dubai

In a city like Dubai, where people lead a fast, hustling-bustling life, time is of great essence. The traditional offices did no justice to providing the level of flexibility that was required of in office spaces.

In light of such, an imminent need for a suitable alternative — an idea previously inconceivable — was introduced. Enter Coworking Spaces.

As we progress towards envisioning a more commodious future to conduct our business, we pursue avenues that hinge on versatility for our development. One such development is the slow and steady shift from traditional, leased offices to coworking spaces.

As a leading Business Center in Dubai, SpaceBox Business Center provides an array of options for you. Located in the opulent Dubai World Trade Center with the Museum of the Future in sight, our coworking spaces are your perfect perch to conduct your business activities. With Spacebox, your search for a coworking space in Dubai comes to an end.

Coworking Desks in Dubai

Why Rent A Coworking Space in Dubai?

Working from a Dubai coworking office  has extensive benefits, especially for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small-business owners. As more organizations around the world are adapting flexible work schedules by offering remote working opportunities, the need for coworking offices is on a steady rise.

A Coworking Space in Dubai eliminates the many shortcomings that traditional offices pose. With Dubai business centers, one can never go wrong, as they are a win-win situation for both employers and employees. Benefits such as low starting costs and an unrestricted freedom to work as you like and how you like, are what put coworking spaces in the forefront.

Thanks to our wide range of business center services that include private rooms for rent, meeting rooms for rent and hot desks, you are certain to find us a congenial host.

What’s in it for you at SpaceBox Coworking Offices

One of the objectives of establishing SpaceBox Business Center was to provision a luxury coworking experience at affordable costs. We aim to sustain that by offering you private offices and Dubai coworking offices for rent on the iconic Sheikh Zayed Road overlooking the entire city.

Our Dubai coworking spaces are fully equipped with all amenities you could need. All our coworking offices come equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, regular cleaning, free beverages, meeting rooms access, security round the clock, admin assistance, and pantry. Our packages are inclusive of water and electricity charges.

Add to that the ability to expand your network with like-minded people, the flexibility of working hours, community-binding, and low costs, Spacebox Business Center becomes your number one choice of Dubai office rental.

Why SpaceBox

We pride ourselves as one of the most affordable coworking spaces in Dubai. With picturesque views of towering skyscrapers right by the DWTC Metro, our business center location offers you a conducive atmosphere to foster growth and expand. We exhibit a reputable clientele base; so you can rest assured that you will be offered the best.


In contrast to a location like Dubai World Trade Center, our Dubai coworking spaces are one of the most affordable, starting as low as AED 1000/week. This differentiates us from the majority and gives you a peace of mind.


Our Coworking spaces are built to welcome people from diverse backgrounds. Working in such an environment exposes you to different methods of working and in turn inculcates a spirit of fraternity.


Our furnished offices are equipped with Herman Miller furniture to provide a high level of comfort. Choose from hot desks and dedicated desks from our vast range of offices.

Our In-house Services

Prime Location

High-Speed Wi-Fi

24/7 Security

Daily Cleaning


Meeting Room Access

Free Beverages

IT Support


Simply defined, a Coworking space is an office space wherein more than one business operates under the same roof.

Essentially, if you rent a coworking space in Dubai, you will be working alongside other freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. However, you have the ability to choose from Private Offices, Dedicated Desks, Meeting Rooms, and Hot Desks.

A Coworking office, in structure and layout, is quite similar to a regular office. The difference is of the convenience it offers over regular offices.

Dubai is home to over 200 nationalities, and so, you will have no trouble finding Dubai Coworking Spaces for rent. A lot of business centers are focused on providing offices that suit a specific industry type.

But that’s not the case with Spacebox Business Center, as our private offices are suited for different sectors and industries. Additionally, coworking spaces have become a highly-competitive industry. Hence, the ease and comfort of people looking for coworking spaces becomes a vital service point.

A lot of coworking offices offer amenities such as vending machines, yoga spaces, business lounges, kitchen area, and 24/7 security. All of these conveniences are quite similar to a Co-Living concept, except that you are renting the office space.

Coworking spaces are built keeping in mind the ease of use of professional workspaces at low costs. If you’re a freelancer who’s just starting out or an employer with a small team, coworking offices are your best bet.

Contrary to the popular notion, Dubai coworking offices aren’t suited only for entrepreneurs and freelancers, but also huge corporate firms with a workforce of over 100 people. This is possible by renting private offices and meeting rooms to suit your needs.

There are quite a few crucial factors that you must consider before choosing a coworking space.

Amenities: Most coworking spaces, like SpaceBox, have everything you need to conduct your business. However, it is always a prudent measure to recheck the facilities you are being offered.

Location: A good coworking space is easily accessibly from major public transport points. SpaceBox Business Center is a 3-min walk away from the nearest Metro station, so you can use easily use it for daily commute.

Ambiance: A coworking office that encourages you to visit everyday will significantly boost your productivity. Our private offices are lively and designed in a manner so as to make it feel less like an office and more of a place where you enjoy spending time.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners cannot contend with the starting costs of their business.

The perfect solution to entrepreneurs and freelancers, coworking offices in Dubai mitigate the costs of running your business while providing you all the facilities of a regular office.

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