How to Increase Productivity in Coworking Spaces

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Studies indicate that the average coworker spends over 35 hours a week or more in coworking spaces. In order to produce and deliver the expected results, one has to collaborate with teammates and mentors. Such onerous tasks can significantly drain your energy and morale, which is reflected in your productivity.

Hence, it is imperative to maintain high levels of energy across the team so that you get the results you expect.

There are quite a few ways to go about it. Here are five ways you can increase productivity in your coworking space.

Five ways you can increase productivity in your coworking space

Break the 9–5 Chain

The rigid 9–5 work schedule was first adopted by the Ford Motor Company. As a manufacturing company, the schedule served the company well. However, increased productivity is not corollary to the 9–5 schedule, as it doesn’t really coalesce well with everyone.

In fact, a recent study has shown that there has been a whopping 88% increase in productivity in the emirate of Sharjah.

The law states, "Work expands to fill the period of time available for its completion." This essentially stands to reason that if you were to allot 2 weeks to complete a certain task which could be completed in just 2 days, the task will only accrue more complexity and become more challenging to complete as the deadline approaches.

This indicates that shorter work hours and flexible timings — such as the ones possible in coworking spaces — are surefire tactics for increased productivity. Not only will you enjoy flexible working hours in coworking spaces, but will also retain the ability to impose stricter deadlines.

Touch Grass

Taking frequent coffee breaks or walking for even as less as 10 minutes around the office lobby changes the way the brain functions, essentially improving memory functions. Many coworking spaces in Dubai are equipped with a gym area where you can carry out HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts. A research reveals that 90-minute exercise sessions with 15-minute breaks allow us to sync with our natural rhythms, which in turn hone our focus on work.

Implement Time-Blocking and Time-Batching

Time-batching, as the name implies, is compartmentalizing similar work tasks and then marking them into blocks on the calendar, called time blocks. As opposed to performing a daily task once every day, you can group all of the mini-tasks for the week and choose a day — typically the last weekday — to perform them altogether.

However, the right implementation of time-batching runs deeper than that, for it requires a quiet environment. And what better place than a coworking space to enjoy a distraction-free environment?

Get Accustomed to Technology-Breaks

Digital Well-being is vital not just for productivity but also for your health. It has become perfunctory to pick up the phone every time it buzzes or lights up with a notification. Doing that frequently unhinges our focus from work.

You can combat this by installing a Digital Wellbeing application on your smartphone and managing your screen time accordingly. Habits are hard to break (especially in an age where different technologies vie for your attention), but if you put your phone away even for 15 minutes, you can greatly improve your attention span.

Once you’ve hit the 15-minute mark, you can work your way up.

Stay Focused

It takes about 15 minutes for your focus to resettle on your task soon after losing it. Coworking Spaces are designed to keep your focus on things that matter, as opposed to traditional offices where you are bogged down with meetings and disturbed by garrulous coworkers.

Consider renting a private office for yourself; you won’t be renting just space but also peace of mind.

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