5 Events You Can Host in Coworking Spaces

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Coworking Spaces originated not just as an alternative to traditional offices, but also as a hotbed for innovation and ideas. Be it a business or a short-term project you’re starting, coworking spaces offer you all the resources you’d need.

Coworking spaces are a hub for professionals to collaborate and host events that add value to their businesses. Many an event conducted in coworking spaces not only help provide a platform but also help businesses recruit new members.

How Events in Coworking Spaces Benefit Businesses

There are various benefits to organizing business events in coworking spaces. Some of them are:

  • Coworking events are known to improve the mental health of coworking employees.
  • Coworking events break the ice and instill a sense of amiability between existing and new coworkers.
  • Employees participating in coworking events will be infixed with a high level of confidence and will be better equipped to subdue glassophobia.
  • Coworking events prod coworkers to think outside the box, essentially encouraging creative thinking.

Here are some events that you can conduct in your coworking space:

Corporate Events

Corporate events lie at the apex of innovation and newfangled ideas. Coworking spaces are built to provide a platform for conducting corporate events such as leadership training programs, soft skills development workshops, etc.

To exemplify, you could carry out a product launch at your coworking event space. An event space will provide you the collaborative platform that you’d need to make your product launch a successful event. Your coworkers will be your target audience.

Social Events

Social events in coworking spaces are aimed at improving the networking and strengthening the bond between team members. This helps increase the employee morale and mitigate work-related anxiety and stress.

A social event like festival celebrations will significantly lighten moods and bolster team cohesion. Coworking spaces are also the ideal platform to carry out other social events like fund raising, water conservation drives, etc.

Corporate Shindigs

Everyone feels the need to unwind after hectic periods of intense work at the office. Although coworking spaces often accommodate foosball tables and gym areas, entertaining events like game nights and social parties are just as important.

Events like these help inculcate long-lasting bonds between employees and mitigate work-related stress. Such events also help you learn more about your coworkers’ interests and personalities.

You could organize slam poetry competitions and stand-up comedy sessions to boost the confidence of the team.

Health & Safety Events

An ideal coworking space is more than just a mere office space. It essentially is a community of like-minded professionals who ideate together to work towards common goals. And to incorporate a work-life equilibrium at work, health and safety events come handy.

Fitness classes, HIIT workout sessions, first aid courses, nutrition sessions and yoga classes are all good examples of health and safety events.

Not only will this improve employee wellbeing but also create a positive image for the company that demonstrates their commitment to a healthy workplace.

Promotional Events

Promotional events are aimed primarily at promoting your brand. Many coworking spaces offer trial periods of their coworking offices as part of their promotional event. As a coworking business, you could offer your employees the same trial period to showcase the perks of working in a coworking space.

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